Residential sector
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Michel Guimont is your choice electrician in Montreal. He masterfully takes on the follow electric jobs:

Replacing old wiring

  • Heating
  • Repair / Replacement / Addition of heating systems
  • New installations: Baseboards / Convectors / Furnaces
  • Conversion: Heating oil / Mazout to electricity
  • Modification of central heating systems in order to transfer heating costs to tenants
residential services

Electrical hookup

  • Overhead / Underground
  • Upgrade as required
  • Increased voltage
  • Redistribution

Indoor/outdoor lighting

  • Installation / Repair of lighting systems
  • New system: Ceiling light / Catenary lighting / Wall-mounted / Recessed / Track lighting / Fluorescent / Lamps

Miscellaneous electrical hookups, with or without installation

  • Fans
  • Range hoods
  • Jacuzzis
  • Swimming pools
  • Garage doors
  • More

Visual inspection, including written report

  • Requested by insurer
  • When purchasing a home or a condo

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