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Are you looking for a way to dynamize your home or business without completely changing the furniture? Opt for new luminaires that will attract the attention of visitors! Chez Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Electrician, we bring together these 5 trends to make your residential or commercial interior lighting a success!

The ampoules «à nu»

Les abat-jours no longer plus the same popularity. These are rather the ampoules visible on the edge, especially those with filaments! These latter are contemporary and modern, of the kind that can be found in many decors. It is found in all shapes and sizes to enjolive every place. They can illuminate very well an entry hall or create a «branched» ambiance in a waiting room, for example.

2. The Layton

D'une très jolie couleur dorée, le laiton donne de l'éclat in each piece, qu'il ait an effect matte or brillant. It is used in suspensions, in table lamps or in tripods (which is better to enliven a discarded coin from the salon!) and it goes very well with black and metallic effects.

3. The black and the white

Use contrasts and sobriety to add a bold touch to different decors. The black and the white have the advantage of traversing the times and bringing, at the same occasion, a sophistication timeless to each piece.

4. The lamps in domes

Contemporary as desired, the luminaires in the surround blend well with the current decors and, due to their opening towards the bottom, offer a pointed lighting with a touch of intimacy. Used with halogen or non-halogen lighting, these domes are perfect above an island or over a kitchen counter or to add value to a particular object. Above a long table to eat, preferably 2… or 3!

5. Inspirations from nature

The organic materials, like wood, paper or cardboard, are highly appreciated. With styles inspired by nature and neutral shades, these lamps can make a salon completely appalling. Combined with metallic accents, these lighting fixtures also have a rustic character.

Do you need a qualified electrician to carry out your residential or commercial installations in Montreal or its surroundings? At Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Electrician, our team has all the knowledge necessary to make your project a success. Communicate with us now to get a new lighting that will add value to each of your pieces!


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