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Are you renovating your residence in the Montreal region? If you are looking for a reliable residential electrician to proceed with your branch, read this blog article: you will discover 7 excellent reasons to do business with us!

1. A quality-price report : you want a job well done at an affordable cost? You are in a good place! Our company offers you high quality services at competitive prices. Call us to get a detailed submission!

2. Guaranteed work : All stages of our electrical systems installation projects are controlled and supervised by experts. For electrical works that respond to the most severe standards of the industry, choose us!

3. An experience at the height of your expectations : at Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Electrician, we engage ourselves to satisfy your needs by proposing key projects in mind — not surprising that we have won for the 13th year in a row the Prix Choix du Consumer et Recommended CAA.

4. A strict respect of the specifications : quelle que soit l’ampleur des works to be realised, we respect our deadlines and deliver our projects according to temps. Fiez-vous a notre promesse : en nous confiant l'installation de votre électrique système, vous n'aurez pas de mauvaises surprises!

5. A service to the client base : We are always listening to our clients and we are at heart to offer a personalized service that is based on transparent and courteous exchanges. Respect, honesty and integrity are essential qualities in our eyes!

6. A specialized main-d'oeuvre : since more than 35 years, our experienced electricians have been moving to Montreal and its surroundings to carry out electrical projects as diverse as ours and others. Our proven savoir-faire is a gauge of assured quality!

7. An enviable reputation : We are proud to be an enterprise recognized by CAA-Québec for the excellence of its services. This honorable mention testifies to the wonder of our credibility as a construction industry!

For your electrical works, think « Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Electrician »! Chez Michel Guimont Entrepreneur electrician, we are concerned to offer you services of superior quality, et ce, at the best prices possible. À Montréal et dans les environs, we proceed to the installation of electrical systems in homes and businesses in all genres. Appelez-nous!


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