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Are you looking to reduce the environmental impact of your trips while still benefiting from an uneven driving experience? Well, this is possible thanks to electric vehicles and rechargeable hybrids! In fact, these present many advantages for individuals and companies. At Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Electrician, we strongly encourage our clients to discover the pleasure of driving a rechargeable car. In this article, we present you the event Branchez-Vous, as well as the many advantages of the « roller vert ». Nice lecture!

Try rechargeable vehicles during the event Branchez-Vous!

You wonder if driving an electric or hybrid car is for you? So, let's do the test on July 6 and 7, 2018, in Montreal, during the event Branchez-Vous, organized at the Institute of Vehicle Innovation. You will have the opportunity to drive 4 vehicles for free, plus meet different concessionaires. Reserve your place!

Here are 4 excellent reasons to choose an electric or hybrid rechargeable vehicle:

1. You reduce your ecological footprint : a trip on board a 100 % electric car does not require any fuel and does not generate any gas emissions to affect the environment.

2. You economize money : electricity costs less than essence. In addition, your rechargeable vehicle could allow you free access to toll plazas, parking lots, traversers and reserved lanes. Finally, when you opt for a fully electric model, you will not have to carry out any oil changes or transmission, bougies, courses, exhaust pipes and alternator maintenance!

3. You improve your comfort : rechargeable electric cars are silent and do not emit any unpleasant odor. In addition, their center of gravity is based on them, providing a remarkable stability: you practically do not resent vibrations when you are aboard.

4. You improve your driving experience : electric and hybrid vehicles allow quick and constant accelerations, as well as offering remarkable road holding!

Confiez-nous the installation of your electric carrier and profit from a financial aid! Vous possédez une rechargeable car ou vous comptez vous en procurer une? Alors, confiez-nous l'installation de votre borne de recharge à domicile! Chez Michel Guimont Entrepreneur électricien, nous avons toutes les qualifications requisitives pour poser des bornes électriques residentialles. In addition, if we are confident of the execution of your work, you may receive a refund (at least $600) from the Quebec government! This latter also offers financial assistance for the purchase or location of new and second-hand electric vehicles. Contactez-nous!


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