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Profit from a parking lot that is constantly defrosted and denied in winter without signing a denial contract… Take a bath without a coat on your terrace when it's as low as 10ºC… You aim to optimize your comfort or that of your customers d'apparels de heating extérieure? Chez Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Electrician, we have a team of electricians qualified for the installation and repair of commercial and residential electric heating systems in Montréal and its environs. Dans cet article, voyez quelles innovatrices solutions pareuint vous intéresser!

The electric radiant heating

Also called infrared heating, the electric radiant heating has several advantages. The device itself is offered in different sizes and the plus small models respond very well to the needs in heat. Solid, the system resists all temps and has the ability to chauffeur n'est pas uncommodied by the vent. In addition, les radiations ne couvent pas inutilement l'air, puisque'elles n'ont d'effet que sur la matière qu'elles atnaiugent.

Powered by electricity, the infrared heating quickly diffuses a sensation of heat. It can be installed partly on a wall, partly on a roof, and this mobility allows its user to orient towards the targeted persons to increase their comfort. All quality models are very effective and require practically no maintenance.

The cables and the module drivers

The heating cables can be installed under many coverings: a courtyard entry, a terrace, a staircase march… the possibilities are almost infinite! Certain settings are available so that the cables detect moisture and automatically begin to heat until the surface is dry.

The modules chauffants, as much as they are, are attractive to the panels and operate in the same way as the cables. Essentially, their difference consists in the independence of their electrical wires, which allows them to replace only one module with one break.

Chez Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Electrician, we serve residential and commercial clients in Montreal and its surroundings. Contact us for the installation of your outdoor electric heating system!


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