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Electrical Emergency

Electrical Emergency

Our Emergency Services

At Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Électricien, our team of experienced electricians acts fast when an emergency situation affects your electrical systems. As soon as we arrive on the scene, we’ll perform a rigorous inspection in order to identify what is the exact nature of the problem. We will then do any repair work necessary, all while making sure that the area remains perfectly safe. Depending on the nature of the problem at hand, we’re usually able to restore power in less than a day!

Common Emergency Situations

At Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Électricien, our employees are qualified to handle many different types of emergencies, such as:

  • Drop in voltage
  • Electrical system breakdown (heating, air conditioning, etc.)
  • Voltage interruption
  • Short-circuit
  • Hot water heater failure
  • Major electrical system malfunction
  • Power failure
  • Presence of electric sparks
  • Electrical problems caused by a tree falling

What to Do in the Event of a Blackout

Here are a few expert tips you can apply in the event of a power failure

  • When the power comes back on, a sudden surge in voltage could damage your electrical appliances. To avoid this, as soon as the power goes out, turn the heat or air conditioning down all the way, and turn off all of your home appliances, tools, and electronic devices.
  • If you can, try to avoid opening your fridge or freezer doors. In fact, one never knows how long a power failure might last, and you could waste large amounts of food by letting the cold escape…
  • Leave only one light “on” inside the house, and another light “on” outside. This will let you know when the power is restored; you’ll also help the electric company technicians who are working on the problem outside know they’ve been successful.

At Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Électricien, we accept cash and credit card payments, and our professional services are guaranteed. In case of emergency, give us a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 514‑389‑9534.


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