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Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Électricien Opened Its Doors in 1983

Thanks to the solid experience that its founder, Michel Guimont, acquired while working with reputable contractors, the company rapidly carved out a place among the leaders in the industry. Michel Guimont possesses all of the qualities of a great leader and has surrounded himself with the best electricians in the city in order to ensure that his primary mission of satisfying his customers remains at the forefront. For a proactive individual like Michel Guimont, the needs and expectations of his clients have always been a powerful reason to always go the extra mile and find the perfect solution. Nearly three decades later, Michel Guimont still exhibits the same enthusiasm that allowed him to build his own business into an industry leader.


Rémy B. Guimont, president & director of the Roadwork Division, is also an experienced electrician who has acquired 20 years of experience in the field, despite his young age. He began to develop his expertise as a teenager, spending the majority of his free time helping his father at work. He has a curious nature and an analytical mind, and he was never content to simply watch. He wanted to understand the why and how. With this extraordinary background, Rémy quickly acquired the basics and a certain amount of solid knowledge. This same enthusiasm and curiosity continue to drive him today. Any problem, no matter how big or small, represents a challenge for Rémy, leading him on the path to continual improvement.


Laurent B. Guimont, general manager & director of Commercial Projects, was not predisposed to be an electrician. He was not a manual person by nature, but rather a prominent figure in the sports world, where his skills as a communicator and negotiator propelled him to a position of leadership. As he was nearing the end of his high school years, Laurent was doing some work in his father’s office during the summer, when he realized that he possessed the right qualities for a career in customer service. As a result, he decided to draft some proposals related to electrical system maintenance for office towers and presented them to his father, who gave him the green light to meet with potential clients. The success of that venture led Laurent Guimont to develop his expertise in customer service and the art of negotiating with suppliers, and eventually, to become his father’s right-hand man.


Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Electricien's primary vocation is to do everything possible to achieve excellence in your projects. We are always looking for innovative technologies or solutions to remain the reference in our industry. In order to perpetuate this unique approach, we bought these companies: Pierre Sicotte, Bernard Legaré, Midri Electrique and Charbonneau Electrique to continue to serve you better and to perfect our art.


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