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Converting to an Electric Heating System in Montreal with Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Électricien, Electrical Contractor

If you would like to have an ecological and efficient heating system, electric heating is the big winner compared to other fuels, such as heating oil or natural gas.

The Advantages of Electric Heating

Electric heating systems are smart, practical and efficient, and they offer many advantages.

  • Hot water electric heating produces uniform and continuous heat, with no temperature variations or air currents.
  • The cost is lower than with other heating systems. The initial investment is lower, because these systems are easy to install and use, and the price of electricity is stable.
  • Hot water electric heating does not produce any smoke or fumes. It also represents an environmentally friendly alternative: it transforms the supplied energy into heat.

What Is the Outlook for the Future of Electric Heating?

The use of cabinet convectors and baseboard heaters is becoming more and more prevalent in new constructions and renovation projects.

Baseboard Heaters

Baseboard heaters can be either electric or hydronic. These are the most popular systems: long boxes installed near the floor and under windows. The air in the room is heated at floor level and then naturally rises up the walls.

Cabinet Convectors

The main advantage of cabinet convectors is the high comfort level. By spreading gentle, uniform heat, your room is heated more effectively and more quickly. This means that you will also see savings on your electricity bill!

Switch to a cleaner and more economical way of heating by converting your oil system to an electric system.

Contact Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Électricien at 514‑389‑9534 today for more information or to request a quote.

Please also consult our pages on the installation of an electric boiler and Slant/Fin and Ouellet products.


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