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At Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Electrician, we are interested in modern technologies that are revolutionizing the way we consume electricity. That's why we were intrigued by a text published in June on the Journal of Montreal and whose title was: « Compteurs intelligent et propane : des thousands of houses non-conforming and at risk. » In this voice a little more on the subject

Des installations risquées

According to the Journal de Montréal, the installation of multiple intelligent computers meets the requirements of the Régie du building du Québec (RBQ), as well as certain norms of the CSA (Canadienne de Normalisation Association). In fact, to be compliant, an intelligent meter must not be located close to a fixed propane tank: the release distance must be at least 3 meters, otherwise this could contribute to starting a fire. Although the risk remains present, no case has been recorded for the moment.

The branching at a distance under the loupe

According to the RBQ, the activation of the disconnection at a distance by Hydro-Québec constitutes one of the main risks of triggering a fire in the presence of propane, because it has the effect of creating electric arcs.

An incomplete review

In 2015, only three tiers of residences were inspected by Hydro-Québec. On a little over 700 000 residences, nearly 9000 outdoor electrical installations have been declared non-conforming. Thus, in just a few months, thousands of Quebecois have passed their arrangement from « safe » to « potentially dangerous » — a situation for the less concerned. That's why in the last few weeks, Hydro-Québec says it has sent a letter to its clients, soliciting their collaboration to catalog the problematic systems. To follow...

At Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Electrician, our experts are concerned about carrying out quality work while respecting the more severe safety standards. Pour all your electrical projects, communicate with us.


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