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Do you have electrical work to be carried out in your home or are you planning to do so in the near future? You are in search of an electrician entrepreneur who has the necessary skills to carry out your work in a fast, professional and safe way? Chez Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Electrician, we have prepared this article to help you choose your residential electrician in 4 questions.

1. Find the appropriate license?

Saviez-vous qu'au Québec, il est illegal de faire ses propres travaux électriques? It is important to know that the electrical branches represent a great danger when they are carried out incorrectly. To have the right to trade electrical works, an electrician entrepreneur must hold a license recognized by the Corporation des maîtres électriciens du Québec (CMEQ). This proof of competence is valid at the same time as the electrician's qualifications and his solvency. Consult the CMEQ members' repertoire to check if the person you are interested in has the famous license!

2. A-t-il une bonne reputation?

The reputation of an electrician allows you to have a fairly accurate idea of ​​the quality of his work. See if you have already dealt with this entrepreneur and have appreciated his experience. You can also ask directly to the electrician so he can provide you with references from past clients. In discussing with them, you will be able to specifically verify the quality of their work, their respect for seniors, their attitude, etc.

3. Détient-il une assurance responsabilit civile?

This assurance protects you if your property (or your neighbor's cell) suffers damages following the passage of the electrician. With it, you are also protected if a person is a victim of an accident involving electrical work. An entrepreneur who receives this assurance usually places more importance on the prevention of incidents.

4. Offer-t-il des submissions et des contrattos detalles?

When you "shop" your home electrician, ask for detailed quotes so you can compare prices based on your needs. Once you have chosen your electrician, be sure to get a clear and precise contract. This valuable document, which should present all the details of the interventions to be carried out, protects you in case of an accident or a break.

Chez Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Electrician, entreprise recomendemente CAA, we are proud to offer you quality services for all your electrical projects, such as lighting or repairing heating systems. Ready to meet your future «family electrician» in Montreal or in the surroundings? Contactez-nous!


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