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Since June 2011, some thermostats have overheated and caused some damage. Some products therefore present fire risks. Comment Know if your thermostat makes the object of a recall? The blog of Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Electrician shows you the steps to follow. If you read the newspapers or watch the news regularly, you have probably heard an important rumor about rappels concerning the thermostats sold by Canadian Tire, RONA and other quincailleries. Chez Michel Guimont Entrepreneur électricien — entreprise desservant le Grand Montréal et Laval —, we are strongly sensitized to the importance of having an effective electric heating system including safe thermostats. In this blog article, we share with you some tips to help you stay informed about electrical products electrical appliances… and thus make you feel safe at home!

Why certain thermostats of the brands Garrison, Maison, NOMA, RONA et UPM ont-ils fait l’object d’un rappel?

On a finding that these units manufactured in China could overheat, create smoke, burn walls and present fire risks... Since June 2011, consumers and retailers have reported to Health Canada an additional two 'Incidents implicant des thermostats having overheated, found and damaged the walls. Fortunately, no injuries have yet been reported.

Comment where can I find information on the rappels of electrical appliances?

Chapeaute on the Government of Canada, the site Internet Canadians in Health has a section regarding rappels and safety advisories affecting several products. Cell-ci is divided into 4 categories :

1. The vehicles : defective parts such as the air cushions, the electric circuits, the brakes, etc.;

2. The foods : products with incorrect labeling (omitting the presence of eggs, for example), foods contaminated with bacteria, etc.;

3. Health products : ointments containing non-conforming ingredients, dosage systems of defective drugs, incomplete analysis trusses, mal-calibrated medical instruments, etc.;

4. The products of consumption : stores or mechanisms d'enrollment vulnerable, furnitures instables et, en ce that concerns us, electrical appliances defective.

You think having in your possession a thermostat potentially dangerous? Note the brand and model number of your device, then consult this table. If one or more of your thermostats are concerned with a rappel, you should then immediately follow these recommendations from Santé Canada:

« Consumers should immediately stop using the thermostats and communicate with the retailer from whom they have purchased the product since the importer is no longer in business. They can also be removed from the thermostats and jets in accordance with the guidelines on use or rebuttal of their municipality.,

Our thermostats: your satisfaction

At Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Electrician, we maintain an inventory of thermostats of superior quality that are not — obviously! — not touched on the recent rappels. If you want to achieve peace of mind, trust our certified electrical appliances.

At Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Electrician, we work in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors of Grand Montréal and Laval. Pour all your needs in electricity, communicate with us!


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